With Sasha Litvintseva

13' / HD video / 2019

An homage to Vilem Flusser’s text, Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, Bilateria employs the Klein Bottle as a form with which to inhabit the interstices between organisms and environments. The Klein bottle is a mathematical shape that, like the Möbius strip, merges interior and exterior, beginning and end. Here the form is simultaneously a leaky vessel and a projection surface for an array of found video material. Organisms and environments are mapped onto a single metabolic pathway where inside and outside continuously fold into each other in rhythmic pulsations.


Touch Me, Kontejner, Zagreb, 2020

Super Dakota Video Series, Online screening, 2020

Centropia, CTM Vorspiel 2020, Centrum Berlin, 2020

Berlin Atonal, Kraftwerk, Berlin 2019

Installation view at Kraftwerk Berlin as part of Berlin Atonal 2019