Universal Syntax is a long-term research and production project created together with Sasha Litvintseva. Working through moving image, text and lectures, the project seeks to untangle the human tendency to read the natural world as a text. The long and remarkably consistent history of the use of text as a metaphor for the interpretation of the natural world, present from ancient Babylonian observational practices to Galileo's reading of the solar system all the way to the human genome project, it ultimately the history of the human inability to experience the world unmediated. This is as much a history of media and technology as it is of science, culture and philosophy, and one we believe to be particularly suited to moving image.

Essay published in the Sonic Acts publication Hereafter: Never Odd or Even: On Palindromes and Metaphors

Our first film in this series, A Demonstration, is currently in post production and is scheduled to be released in early 2019.

The second film, Theater of the Invisible, is currently in production.

The third film, Laws of Nature, is currently in research. 

We are planning several public presentations of the first stage of this project in early 2019.