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An artist book published in conjunction with my solo exhibition "Part-Time Pioneer" at Lichthof, Humboldt University, Berlin in 2011

The first reproduction in the publication is a facsimile of the note Barack Obama wrote and inserted into the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on July 24, 2008 during his first presidential campaign. In this book, the original note, written on King David Hotel letterhead, is extracted and recontextualized on letterhead from a number of other luxury hotels from around the world. The public and private, local and global oscillate nervously. Each iteration of the note exists as a postcard, whose perforated edge allow it to be ripped out of the book and circulated independently in a combination of 'wish you were here!' and 'forgive me for my sins'. 

Part-Time Pioneer


Artist book

12 pages (perforated)

21 x 16 cm

Offset Printed

Staple Bound

Edition of 250

Designed by Will Davis

Available upon request 

and in stores:

Printed Matter, Inc.

231 11th Ave, NYC


Almstadtstraße 48-50

10119 Berlin

Exhibition and book review by Judith Vrancken in Kaleidoscope Press blog

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