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Like the deserts miss the rain (part 2)

Multimedia installation

Rongwrong, Amsterdam, 2017

The second chapter in this exhibition, repurposes the images of the desert refracted through raindrops but this time uses them to highlight the spatial boundary that separates interior from exterior. Fixed to the large glass storefront of the exhibition space, the installation confronts this division by bringing the outside in and the inside out. The landscape here is an internal mental construct, projected onto the unknown exterior world.

A second installation in the back space addresses the relationship of ecology to sight. Two prints on mirrors hang opposite each other. A closely cropped image of a wheat field has been drained of its color only to reflect the yellow pigment is shares with the human eye from the wall it faces. An illustration of the grim reaper, a medieval invention stemming both from the black plague and economic agricultural reforms, hangs opposite the wheat. The two images reflect each other, the space, and the observer, as they create infinitely variable compositions based on the position of observation. There is no way to observe them as complete, only as fragmented contingencies.

The exhibition was accompanied by a public program

Curated by Judith Vrancken and supported by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst

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