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A Demonstration

24' / HD video / 2020

A Demonstration is a monster film with no monsters. Inspired by the existence of taxonomies of monsters at the heart of early modern European science, the film explores and reinterprets a way of seeing the natural world that is almost impossible to imagine from today’s vantage point. Early Modern naturalists were guided by a logic in which truths were discovered through visual analogy. The word ‘monster’ comes from the latin ‘monstrare’, meaning to show, to reveal, to demonstrate. “A Demonstration” picks up on these themes in a poetic exploration of the boundaries of sight and the metamorphosis of form.

Story / camera / edit / sound: Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner

Original score: Beny Wagner

Sound mix: Rob Driessen

Color grade: Guillaume Soren

Producers: Video Power and CaSk films


Press kit


Docs and Monsters

A Demonstration through the eyes of Maria Morata

Best Short Films of Berlinale 2020

Director Beny Wagner and Sasha Litvintseva on "A Demonstration" and the short form

Berlinale Films Worth Queuing For


Best Visual Concept Award, Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival

Nominated for the Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis (German Short Film Prize)


All Thoughts Fly: Monster, Taxonomy, Film, Sonic Acts Press

Monster as Medium: Experiments in Perception in Early Modern Science and Film, E-flux Journal


2020 Berlinale Shorts Official Competition, 70th Berlinale International Film Festival, Germany

2020 Vilnius International Film Festival, Lithuania

2020 Still Voices Film Festival, Ballymahon, Ireland

2020 Intro, The Maze and The Lighthouse, Baltic Triennial 14, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania

2020 Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, Garage Museum, Russia

2020 Film Festival della Lessinia, Bosco Chiesanuova, Italy

2020 New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia

2020 Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada

2020 Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico

2020 Curtocircuito International Film Festival, Spain

2020 Imagine Science XIII Edition, New York, USA

2020 Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, Romania

2020 Chicago Underground Film Festival, USA

2020 Kassel Dokfest, Germany

2020 New Nature Vitrines, Goethe-Institut Montreal and Feldfünf Berlin, Germany

2020 New Nature Shorts, Goethe-Institut Montreal and Museum of Moving Image New York, USA

2020 2020: A Year in Review, aemi, Ireland

2020/1 Work In Progress, Queer Art Projects, London, UK 

2021 London Short Film Festival, UK

2021 Environmental Film Festival Australia, Melbourne, Australia

2021 Solo Exhibition, CIAP, Genk, Belgium

2021 Hybrid - Cutting Edge Canada, Hellerau/Mutek

2021 Prismatic Ground Film Festival, New York

2021 New Waves Competition, La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival, France

2021 XXIV Rencontres Internationales Traverse, Toulouse, France

2021 56th International Festival of Science Documentary Films, Olomouc, Czech Republic

2021 18th Dokfilmwoche Hamburg, Germany

2021 International 2 Sides Short Film Festival, Izmir, Turkey

2021 Adrift: Sasha Livtintseva and Beny Wagner, Los Angeles Film Forum, USA

2021 Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival, Szolnok, Hungary

2021 Repeat Apparition, The Horse Hospital, London, UK

2021 Visible Evidence, Mousonturn, Frankfurt, Germany

2022 35th Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Stuttgart, Germany

2022 Kurzfilmfestival Köln, Germany 

2022 Critical Media Lab, IXDM, FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland

2022 Monster and Measures, e-flux Screening Room, New York City, USA

2022 Interplay, Gabriel Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2022 Two Films by Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA

2022 The Criterion Channel

2023 A Demonstration / Constant, Cinema Aventure, Brussels, Belgium

2023 Unworldly Predictions, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw Poland

2023 Chromatic Wednesdays, Apartment Project, Berlin, Germany

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