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Invisible Measure

36 min / HD video / 2013

Invisible Measure is a film based on Paul Scheerbart’s Glasarchitektur. Published in 1914, the book became a major reference for modernist architects and fueled the utopian and ideological uses of glass in architecture. The film attempts to understand the historical arch by which the material of glass, initially imbued with spiritual and mystical properties, has, in its contemporary application, come to be associated with the seemingly rational and objective properties of transparency. Somewhere between metaphor and material, Scheerbart’s often incoherent and at times even mad writings are superimposed on scenes observed in the contemporary urban landscape resulting from his utopian visions a century earlier.

Story / Camera / Edit / Sound: Beny Wagner

With Claudio Lange

The film was produced for the exhibition Invisible Measure at Import Projects, Berlin, 2013.

Review of the exhibition in Artforum, February 2014


Kristalle im Beton, Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Marl, Germany, 2016

the mysterious device was moving forward, Longhouse Projects, New York, 2014

Invisible Measure (solo), Import Projects, Berlin, 2013


Exhibition views, Import Projects, Berlin, 2013

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