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obviously this is a girl's apartment

11 min / HD video / 2016

The home is both an internal idea or state of mind, as it is a physical space with hard boundaries. obviously this is a girl’s apartment touches on questions regarding contemporary transformations of the home, and the gap between this perceived space and its physical realities. The private spaces contained within the walls of the home set the stage for the owner as human, a politicized entity with defined boundaries. The video shows a newly developed landscape in which ownership has become uncertain, consequently questioning the stability of identity (of gender or nationality) formed within the precarious boundaries of the home.

Story / Edit / Sound: Beny Wagner


Citizenfive, Art Athina, Athens, 2017

Living Like A Local, Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht, 2017

Open Studios, Triangle France, Marseille, 2016

L1 - Videopower Night, 2016

Jan van Eyck Open Studios, Maastricht, NL, 2016

beny_wagner00_MG_0785 copy.jpg

Exhibition view, Jan van Eyck, Maastricht, 2016

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